Wherever you are in the world, please feel at home in this virtual house of mine. I am delighted to welcome you to 3Consults website. Imagine you are in Holland now.

Welcome in my hometown Wijk bij Duurstede.

Here you will find an overview of my current services for English speaking colleagues and students, as well as a beautiful text about thresholds, that serves me as an inner compass. And occasionally I might add the latest news about activities and developments in the field of Biography. Feel free to explore!

Hopefully you will find something that is of value to you. And in case you don't directly find what you are searching for: Never hesitate to post me a question.


As you can see: 3Consult comprises three C’s: Compassion, Co-creation and Contact.

The latter is of course the starting point. Just drop me a line at josien@3Consult.nl 

You will encounter my compassion with respect to your themes and issues, and my dialogical style and

co-creative approach. And perhaps we will go on together to find the 4th ‘C’ of Co-operation.

Co-operation can take different forms:

  • Online Private Conversation: Biography Work just for you via Zoom. Always a 'tailor-made' process of one or more sessions, starting from your question, with or without using our I Ching Matrix. If necessary these sessions can be supported by an interpretor you invite.
  • Online Supervision for Biography Practitioners either individual or in (small) groups.
  • Advanced Program on request for those who completed the BPBC or I Ching course.
  • Meeting Rinke or me as Pioneers of Biography. You might feel that it can be of value for you to reflect on the current situation, the past and future of Biographywork world-wide. We will be happy to share our dreams, vision and experiences that date far back into the last century: be our guest!